nothing without you

by public radio

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released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


public radio Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: beautiful
Your name is romance to me
every time you speak - you breathe
a summer of love and peace
a coat for the cold and a kiss on my cheek

light it up
something good
place it in my heart again
it's enough
just to trust
but I really want to know you

to be your beautiful

lights turn to stars
and I'm lost on an ocean
trying to find the way back to you
cut through the dark
thick with emotion
straight to your heart is where I want to be
Track Name: miss america
I was settled down in a one-horse town when you wrote me
can't believe you actually tracked me here i was hiding
i didn't think I could be redeemed
i stopped chasing all my dreams - i was running

I miss america, miss america
do you wish that we knew your name
hey america, miss america
don't you want to go where you belong

everyone wants a golden age - black tuxedos and pink champagne
somebody tell them the bottom dropped out again
nobody wants to work here - everybody wants to hang around

nobody wants to be you anymore
no huddled wretched masses on your shore
somebody took your crown and gave you war
I got a call into you - pick up your phone
Track Name: stand up
This is a complication of which I was not told
I was sure I would never grow up and never grow old
time is creeping up - it's creeping up behind me
do you have that feeling, babe, when you close you your eyes?

If I stood up
would you stand up
could we make it
would you go down with me darling
if I loved you
would you love me
could we take it
would you find out with me darling

go down with me darling(go down with me)

I never fought it when I should I always ran away
but now they've wounded those I love I guess I'm trying to say
That I don't wanna hang around and play a game of hide and seek

I don't wanna sail away and start a colony
I don't wanna be a pilgrim as my legacy
Let's track them down and call them up when they lay down at night
let's throw our drinks in their face and then let's start a fight
let's ring their doorbells and let's start a fire in their tree
and call them out and let them know that we are not afraid

you were a fallen angel and I was a runaway
we overstepped our bounds and we fell from grace
love is a cancellation of the debt we owe
let's just turn on all the lights and open all the doors
Track Name: sims life
ou got the perfect life - you're in the magazines
you're on the rolling stone and seventeen
you've got your name in lights - on the silver screen
you've got the perfect body and perfect teeth

but it's a sims life - you're tired of living
in the real life - working to make that work
in a world where nothing is given and a telephone that never rings

You've been up all night - you haven't slept in weeks
you've got everything you ever wanted - on your computer screen
and you close your eyes - sit back in your seat
wondering how good it would be

you didn't know what you were missing
the world around you keeps on spinning
Track Name: ten percent
well i was upstairs in the bedroom - when you told me you were leaving
you left your address by the phone
you wanted me to chase you - to tell you that you're crazy
and that there is nothing wrong with us at all

hold on to the love that you've been needing
I hope all your dreams come true
ride on to california where it's dry and warm
and leave this god-forsaken michigan shore

you're using ten percent of your heart these days
think it's cos you're getting it mixed up with the brain

do you remember that summer - when we laid(sp?) down in that field
I'm still picking grass out of your hair
and how the edges were softened on the face of the moon
nights so beautiful they didn't seem real
Track Name: good to your momma
you've got me in a corner and I'm slowly getting bored
we've got nothing in common but I've got to endure
yes i think it's amazing and yes i'd love to come
I'm pretty sure I got your number - thank you and so long

you gotta be good to your momma
good to your papa
good to the killers and the predators
good to your brother
good to your sister
good to the friend of a friend you knew in the war

we're both treading water, baby
on the surface of this world
and underneath us are phantoms
hard to catch and easy to ignore

it is a question that men and angels
have sought to reveal
is it worth all of the hurt it takes
to be real
Track Name: what's gotten into you
you turn your conscience off and your mindset
already know but you'd like to forget
well there is nothing else to do when it reaches your neck
everybody swims - everybody goes for the life raft

I'm pulling you out of the storm - tell me again

what's gotten into you
did you forget that I never really left
all I said was true - what's gotten into you

you got your yellow brick road philosophy
and a bible black baby on your knee
suspension of disbelief
but everybody runs - everybody runs from the lightning
Track Name: electric blue
I was beautiful - blond and electric blue
all that you ever wanted and I trusted you
but I can't wear these close no more
all these things that follow me
I need a different love
I am twenty-three

you gotta let go of the heartache
you gotta forgive all the mistakes
you gotta move on from the haunting
in your dreams, girl

ready or not here we go again
open up your heart and let me in
when you love you come alive

she is beautiful - her eyes are pools of green
all that I ever wanted and she trusted me
I wouldn't change a thing, you see
the way she swept me off my feet
she needs a different love and an apology

I'm sick of all this trying
wasting so much time
going nowhere
true, that I'm not the same
time has changed my face
I still love you
Track Name: shipping lanes
I'm a control freak - i had to let it go, you're touching all my things
40 days at sea - I'm leaving my island - my sense of security
cos it's your love I've found and I know the time is now

come to me - come to me
find me in your shipping lanes
It's your mercy breeze - it's blowing me
to the place of honesty

comfort me - comfort me
I was blind I could not see
it's your currents deep - they're pulling me
to the place I can believe
come to me

I have finally come to the end of
all that I am and all that remains
is a discovery - i hope you find it
I hope it clears our names
cos the tide is going out
and I know the time is now

touch my lips and make me holy
wrap your loving arms around me
let your moon shine bright upon this
journey of my summer solstice
Track Name: outlaw
cos we want to know your ways and to trust them all the same
be our light and center stage be the wind and be the waves
be the sunset of our days - cos we'd like to be romanced to

open up the doors - turn the lights on
hear the love song - turn it up again

i'm an outlaw - running from you
come arrest me - I surrender to you

though you slay me - I will trust you
though offended I will cling to you

cos I want to be a witness
of your power - of your goodness
Track Name: ascension
I have waited for you all my days, all my days
I have been searching for you - to know your ways, know your ways
how long did you suffer in the hands of the cruel
how hard did they strike you for the old to be new

we are swimming to you in the blue, in the blue
caught high in your riptide, pulling us into truth
how long did you suffer in the hands of the cruel
how hard did they strike you for the old to be new